Right to have free access to reach books of Parliament and Right to Information

As right to information flows from the responsibility of the government of India to facilitate right to know and information. I remember floodgate of knowledge and information is available in Supreme Court of India Library and Parliamentary Library of India. Thousands of books and journals are there which is not open for access to citizens of India on website or their portal. I am sure one positive step and initiative may protect the right to know if the Ministry of Science and Technology with the help of Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs will work out the platform where all reach books and journals of Supreme Court and Parliament Library is open on their portal for accessing information and knowledge (limited only to view right, not copy right). This is basic right flows from right to know. Recently it has also been recognized by Supreme Court of India and Kerala High Court that Access to Internet will facilitate right to education, right to know and information. My any student can think on this and send either project to Ministries or letter to Judiciary.

As of now Digital Library of Parliament has provided only access (view right) to 35 books. Supreme Court portal is providing access to nil (In the case of Subhash Agrawal vs. Secretary, Supreme Court of India, Supreme Court recognized the that Supreme Court and judges come within the ambit of RTI)